FOMO is going to help you market, if you don’t miss out that is


Most companies find occasions to celebrate throughout the years – holidays, a new office open house, product launches, retirement celebrations, summer picnics, fun companies even make their offsides fit in to this category. We’re certain you’ve created your own traditions and you have special inside jokes you share at these events, that make plus ones and spouses super uncomfy (in a good way – a team building way) but how much time is somebody on your staff spending planning these events? Is it the best use of their time or your money?

Large companies have long since learned the value of an event planner, some have full time event planners on staff as part of their marketing teams, because for many companies events have become key marketing tools in their lead gen strategy. Smaller companies, especially in local markets, haven’t quite yet realized the potential customers sitting out there waiting for them to find each other through events and related lead gen gold.

Millenials have made news lately for killing off a lot of relics of the past, like tired restaurant chains, stores that exist only in malls but not online, and Confederate statues. They’re also killing the old traditional forms of advertising.

Creative industries, entertainment, restaurants, bars and hotels need to evolve their marketing strategies or they will continue to lose customers to online apps, pop ups and online only competitors outside of their local market.

How does all of this come together? Small businesses in local markets need to be better at marketing together, and local events are key.

Don’t wait for the once a year trade shows or hope you can get enough people to write good reviews about you online so that one day you’ll reach the top of Yelp or TripAdvisor. Forget about that happening anyway if you aren’t buying ads through many of these social connectors.

This is Portland, where the event and entertainment industry is dominated by creative giants in small businesses. As one who’s been active for political and community groups as a community organizer, I’ve learned a thing or two million about using the internet to fund raise, grow support, capture information and mobilize communities in to action.

What you are missing as a small business when you organize your events in house, is developing a relationship with an event planner who can help you see the connection between your holiday party, summer picnic, team offsite, and your next product launch.

Every political campaign since Howard Dean, has recognized the need to gather and capture information from their supporters. So why haven’t small businesses figured out how well this model can work for them? Connecting with your community, capturing info from those who engage and attend your events or seminars, that is how you will grow your business and tap in to your share of the market.

Your events are as much a part of your brand as your logo. Connecting those events in a meaningful way, in essence, branding your events, will help you see the connection between how you celebrate and how you connect to your local market.

FOMO is the most powerful marketing tool to capture Millenials and Gen Z. The question is, how will you tap into it? What events can you put together to market your brand? And how will you connect your events to who you are? How will you bring your event to social media, and collect data from your event to help move you forward? And how will you include other local companies in your event in mutually beneficial ways? We can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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