It’s Engagement Season – Congratulations!

The holidays are engagement season, and since weddings are our business we love this time of year even more than your average person! Everyone we talk to is excited and happy. After the initial excitement wares off, a lot of times, the stress begins to kick in. Planning a wedding is easy. I’m sorry, it is. But that is because we’ve planned a lot of weddings in our years.

If planning a wedding isn’t easy for you let me give you some free advice – DON’T DO IT ALONE!

Some people have friends who just got married so they may go to them first and ask for advice on where to get started. Be prepared to hear hours of stories about how they did it better than all other people and how theirs was the greatest wedding ever and you should use every single vendor your best friend used. Here’s the problem, maybe they’re right, maybe they’re biased because they just got married and are really happy. But you probably have a lot of the same friends. Do you really want the same exact wedding? Of course you don’t.

Some people ask their family because mom knows everything right? Of course, mom maybe last planned a wedding in the 1980s and dresses were ugly and puffy, the flowers were all hot pink, or red, and the band looked an awful lot like the dude in “The Wedding Singer”.  So mom is going to be a really good ally in the next several months, but you may not always see eye to eye. I can’t help but type this sentence and remember the time when my daughter was one, I was on the phone with a frantic mother-of-the-bride, who was really upset her country club friends from San Juan Capistrano were going to be pick up cardboard boxes containing live butterflies (hopefully) to be released outside on the steps of the old Catholic Church in Little Italy, San Diego, CA. She was certain this was a tragic mistake, her daughter was nuts, and her friends were going to open dead bugs after the wedding Mass. I’m trying to explain to her that her daughter isn’t crazy, this was important to her, and they could compromise by also offering bubbles for those who didn’t want the butterflies when suddenly my then 1 year-old, picks up my chapstick from the night stand and begins eating it.

She was fine, clearly, as she is 19 now. But my point is moms and daughters have lovely complicated relationships that can sometimes be beautiful and perfect, and sometimes they’re just complicated or add to your stress.

So here’s my question, why wouldn’t you hire a professional wedding planner? We do this for a living. We know what venues you’d probably like after just spending a little time with you and finding out who you are and what your relationship is like with your fiancee. We can give you vendor recommendations you’ll find useful and fulfilling. And if you pick the right planner, you’ll know they have no agenda, they aren’t getting anything out of this recommendation, other than the opportunity to work with a couple they appreciate. Oh wait, and we get paid for it, too.

That last part is what usually prevents newly engaged brides from seeking help from a wedding planner. Weddings are expensive. And the cost of a planner is expensive. Sometimes, that’s true. For example if you need full service planning it can cost you from $3500-$8,000+ depending on where you live, your wedding date, and the experience the planner has. So a lot of you wait. You decide you can do this yourself. Then you pick a venue. Then you pick some vendors. Then you realize oh shit – I need somebody to serve as a venue coordinator on my wedding day because the venue requires it, and everyone they recommend is booked, or too expensive after everything else you’ve already worked in to the budget. And now your catering budget has got to get cut. So do you keep the bar chic wedding or just change it to a barn BBQ and paper plate wedding with some babies breath you ordered at Costco, in a jar that was supposed to be cute but really it’s just a jar?

Again I repeat HIRE A PLANNER! A good planner will save you money in the end. We’ll give you a real budget to work with. An actual realistic budget that accounts for every single thing. We’ll give you venues you might never have thought of. We’ll give you options like you could do it here, in this way, for this much and not need a day of planner. Or you could do it there, in this way, with a full service wedding planner package but actually save money.

Whatever your budget, whatever you’re thinking start with a vision and a planner. Then go from there.

At Vareus Events, we offer a $200 Getting Started package where you can meet with us (or do this part by text, email, phone if you don’t have time to meet). After the free initial getting to know you meeting or correspondences, if you decide you’d like to hire us for this package, we’ll send you a categorized budget, a planning timeline and guidelines, venue and vendor recommendations that will work with your budget, and you will be on your way to planning this with the help of friends, family or each other. If you decide later that you need to add a Day Of coordinator, and we are not booked on your wedding date, we’ll offer you the same deal we offer our floral and design customers.

Connect with us now to get started! Happy Planning!


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