The Pocket Square Boutonniere


It’s 2018 and we’re pretty sure, other than professionals and some moms who’ve done a lot of pre-high school dance pinnings in their day – nobody knows how to pin on a boutonniere the right way!  Also let’s face it, unless you are doing a cute buttonhole design they flop around, weigh down on the lapel of your jacket and get in the way of cuddling while you dance.

In comes the best thing we’ve learned in all of 2018!! The Pocket square Boutonniere! We’re pretty sure Europeans figured this out long ago. And some of our favorite designers in California have been doing these for a while now. But we think we’ve come up with the coolest way to make your boutonniere completely and utterly awesome.

It’s time to book your florist, and we are pretty good at working with all budgets. Seriously, our minimum orders for Peak wedding season are $300 for local weddings. But what’s more important, we will meet with you for no charge, discuss your true floral and decor budget, help you embrace new ideas nobody is doing yet that will make your wedding even better. And if you have plans to do parts yourself, we can help you do a true cost/benefit analysis as well as write up a proposal for you to consider getting key elements designed by a professional, and we can even help you plan how to design and do your own items so they aren’t a Pinterest fail.

The truth is, once you cost out all the parts, you might want to do parts yourself with our help supplying you with some of your DIY supplies, or you might find it’s not actually outside of your budget to have somebody else do it for you.

Contact Us today, we’ll chat with you over a drink or coffee, and before you know it your decor and flowers will be checked off your to do list!

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