Time to Book A Florist: How To Guide

It’s been a time filled with lots of quotes and consultations. Engagement season leads to booking season. And we’re busy and living it!

Here are some tips for those looking to hire a wedding floral designer.

Be as detailed as possible if you are fishing for rates, or you may miss out on the right vendor for you. If Emailing rate requests make sure you include your wedding date, your venue, types of flowers you like, inspiration pictures you like, details of the items you need (ex. bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl, 18 centerpieces, 2 large altar designs, sweetheart table, flowers on the cake. Most importantly, if you are on a strict budget, tell them that. We can give you great tips and options on things you can afford within your budget, or realistically tell you what you can get for your budget and what some options are for adding DIY touches.

If you don’t do this, you may think a vendor is completely out of your price range, when actually they’ve been wanting to design at your venue, or they have great ideas from your desired inspirations and want to add to their samples so they either might be willing to take a smaller profit, or many times they may have ideas on things they could switch out or elements they could change slightly to get to within your price range.

Understand that no floral designer can tell you an exact quote until they’ve nailed down the details of what exactly you want and what you are looking for in your design. With the exact same details described above you could get quotes from $1000 – $3,500. And not one of them would be an unfair quote intended to gouge you. They may all just be for very different designs, different qualities of flowers, fuller or smaller designs, inexpensive disposable containers or statement pieces or rental vessels. It could include an amazing altar design or two small glass vase displays. It could include a carnation waterfall or an arch with 15 feet of lush green and bold floral garland. The point is the same description above could be met with so many different designs your head would spin.

If you have the time, do the free face-to-face consultation! It’s worth it. You can really get to know what a designer could do for you within your budget and they could really get to know what the couple wants for their decor and wedding in a face-to-face chat. I always feel like it’s impossible to have a clue how to quote an entire wedding without knowing anything about you.  I can tell you a basic range, but I’m guessing based on norms and averages and not based on you and your personality or vision. Also, some people don’t have any design ideas they really need to be given some guidance or inspiration based on elements they do have a vision for.

If you’re crafty and really committed to doing a lot of DIY elements for your wedding, still consider talking to a floral designer first.  Unless you are beyond the hobby stage of working with flowers, remember you are about to have plenty going on during your wedding week. Consider partnering with a designer even if you are doing a lot of the decor yourself. A lot of floral designers will put together your bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, while you do the centerpieces and other decor yourself. Your floral designer can even assist you with DIY elements. The simple truth is the flowers and containers and mechanics of design make up the largest portion of your floral design cost. A larger budget doesn’t necessarily mean your designer is taking in a larger profit. It means the supplies for your particular design are more expensive, and a legitimate floral designer has access to all of these items at wholesale cost – you don’t. So if you want to save some money and plan to do elements yourself, talk to a designer – tell them that.

Many of us can give you realistic cost/benefit details. We can also give you tips on HOW to succeed at getting the look your going for on your DIY designs. We may even be able to offer you a fair price on the materials that you will need. It will often be more convenient for you, and usually less expensive than you gathering the items on your own from different sources, if your designer can provide you with the materials you need.

If you’re ready to get started planning your floral design, contact us today. 


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