Spring Weddings

Spring is an amazing time to get married. For starters, it’s a lot easier to book a venue than the summer – of course, in Portland it better be indoors or you need a back up rain plan. You’ll still want to plan months ahead, if it isn’t an elopement, but if you’re planning now for Spring 2019 you’re going to usually find it less chaotic than summer 2019. And a lot of the most desirable Spring venues will already be booking up.

The flowers! Spring is an amazing season for real flowers that actually bloom and are abundant in nature right now. While you can always get greenery tulips, and roses, you can’t always get daffodils, and naturally brilliant blossom branches. The diversity and colors available beg you to escape the blush pallet, in Spring.

Now let’s talk about your guests. Yes, unless you plan for Spring break (which many schools haven’t finalized scheduling for next year yet and all school districts are different) and graduation season (mid May to mid June) there will be conflicts for some traveling guests. That’s ok unless it’s an MVP cannot live without guest. Most people will prioritize their calendars and place your wedding above everything else they reasonably can. But if you know this will be a problem think about March, or April.

In Oregon, it rains in Spring. It also can be warm and sunny. On the same day you can wake to frost in the morning, it can hail, then be sunny, then sprinkle, and later be 62 degrees and sunny. We are used to this. We go with this. As long as you have a plan and the right venue, it won’t matter. December was the top month for weddings in the US last year, most of those weren’t outside either.

I’m one of those people who thinks every season is a great season for a wedding, there’s just different reasons why for each one.

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