Floral Crowns, things to consider


Planning on wearing a floral crown at your wedding? We have some advice for you.

1) Do you have seasonal allergies, do some flowers make you itch? Know the answer to this question before ordering a floral crown.

You know when you buy a box of home hair dye (not that we aren’t all naturally this color) and it says do an allergy test, and nobody does an allergy test. Turns out some people really should and you don’t know if you’re some people unless you have a reaction.

My point, if you plan on wearing flowers on your head at your wedding, test wearing these types of flowers on your head way before your wedding day. There is nothing worse than spending hours getting your make up and hair done so that halfway through photos those tell tale itchy face bumps pop up. Don’t do this to yourself!

If you are itchy from flowers you don’t have to opt out, maybe just do less irritating options, or a few choice flowers on a hair pin in back, as opposed to on top or on the side of your face. It can make all the difference.

If allergy medicine works for you, that is an option, too.

2) Consider the shape, size and design that will best suit you, your dress, and if you will have a veil, make sure they work together.


We love making bobby pin tiny floral bundles to have your hair stylist stick into a floral crown, or to use in collections to accent your overall hairstyle and veil. If you want real flowers but not a large crown, real flower hair combs and pins can be a great solution.

3) Mix fake with real.

If greens and flowers irritate your skin, and you really want a crown, you can use a small tiara headband adorned with flowers and greens, or a design with greens, ribbons and choice flowers, in such a way that the flowers don’t actually touch your skin (pictured above, built on small gold tiara you can’t see).

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