Trends for 2019

We’ve been super busy meeting with this year’s couples, designing concepts and designs, and planning for the 2019 wedding season. Also producing quotes and proposals.

Part of that process is studying the trends and how to plan guides, for the perfect 2019 wedding. The ideas are being flung at us all over social and traditional media. We’ve studied so you don’t have to! So let’s break it down.

1) Do have a Sweetheart Table, make sure it stands out, and is placed in a spot where you can escape but also view all the action: Here’s why, you will want to enjoy every single second of this day and spend any of the moments you can together, alone. Also, your bridal party likely wants to sit with their family and not at an awkward head table.



So what do I mean by making sure your sweetheart table stands out? Besides the obvious that it should physically stand alone as a reception focal point, it may also be draped with distinct linens, and if in the same space as your ceremony in a room that has been flipped during the cocktail hour, it may also use your altar decor as a dual purposed backdrop. Use dishes, candles, and decor that match the guest tables, but that you can keep at the end of the night to cherish forever

As a woman who’s been married 21 years, I can promise you will cherish the distinct pieces you have at your table, and smile every time you use them!

2) Iridescent decor:

We’re partial to the Anthropologie wine goblets, and think you should be, too:



It’s impractical to provide these to all of your guests so again we go back to point one do have a distinct sweetheart table! For your guest tables use the standard catering wine glasses but incorporate the cohesive look by adding floral decor pieces with this type of glass:


Which takes us to the next trend

3) Everything does not have to match!

Your bridesmaids dresses don’t have to match. They can be similar styles in different colors or patterns that together, make sense. They can all be the same length, or color but otherwise different.

Your Groomsmen do not need to match. They can all wear different suits, or the same suit and different ties. Whatever, just make sure they tie in with whomever they are paired with during your ceremony.

Your bridal party flowers don’t need to match. One of our favorite trends is bouquets that don’t match. Again maybe they’re all the same color pallet, but the key flowers vary from bouquet to bouquet. Or maybe the greenery is the same but every bouquet has different colored flowers to match the different colored bridesmaids dresses. Maybe every boutonnière and suit, is different:


Your centerpieces don’t have to match. Neither do your guest table shapes. You could have round and rectangle tables. Some of your tables could have round designs, some could have long designs.

Your tablecloths don’t have to match. You could incorporate multiple colors or patterns that work well together.

The trick is to be cohesive, the items should belong together and be tied together, but you don’t need your reception tables drenched in the same exact tone of pink. Or coral. Or blue.

4) Colorful taper candles: Lots of candle lighting is still hot, but the tall tapers are making a comeback. Many venues will not let you have an open flame, make sure you know the rules at your venue. You can use glass hurricanes around them to get around this problem, or stick to the enclosed pillars or floating candles.

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