#PhotosAtYourWedding – Capturing a Moment & Giving The People What They Want

The photo booth trend at receptions, is dying out and being replaced by semi-custom Snapchat filters, hashtags to use on all social platforms, and more naturally or professionally set obvious photo backdrop spaces.

Instead of goofy props and curtains, your guests want an amazing photo of themselves, themselves with you, or something aesthetically befitting an insta feed – not just a story shot that will hopefully die in 24 hours, never to be seen by any human again. Ever (your welcome btw for sharing an actual photobooth session shot of myself and my husband, which shouldn’t be featured anywhere but there you go!)

Think of what experiences you’ve loved and wanted to share on social media. If you hire wedding llamas, everyone’s going to want pictures with them. If you’ve paid for a spectacular view of Mt. Hood your guests are going to want to pose for pictures with that view. If you have an amazingly decorated industrial space, your guests will want people to know they were there, it was boujee, and they looked fantastic! Your planner can help you find the perfect spot at your venue walk through, design a space inviting and set for photos and the area will serve function and a purpose. Small accents, Florals, dried floral installations or wreaths as a backdrop, professionally designed signs, special lounge seating area rentals – can all enhance your photo op location without having a literal neon sign saying “Photos Here”.

People want a hashtag. They want to know the hashtag. They want to share their love for you and @ you. They want it to be something they don’t cringe putting on their social, and they want everyone to know they actually love you most of all, by tagging you and using your hashtag.

Speaking of, seriously create a wedding gmail account. You can set the account to forward messages to your regular email. It helps keep everything sorted, it can be your hashtag name, and used for wedding webpages, rsvp tracking, etc. Set up a wedding/couple insta account for the wedding and evolve it into your future family account. If you don’t already have a Snapchat, get a wedding account if for no other reason than to accommodate all your guests who do by giving them a semi-custom filter for their stories.

Also, can I just be honest with you (sorry to all my favorite photo booth vendors you are fantastic and I love you at so many types of events, weddings just aren’t one of them) you’ve hopefully paid a fantastic photographer to take pictures at your wedding. And I hope you’ve paid them to have a second shooter. I also hope you’ve paid them more than you’ve paid me because I want the pictures they take to be the absolute best photos you have ever, or will ever see of yourselves and your loved ones in your lifetime, potentially. And as such, they are going to get some of the most breathtaking, raw emotion filled, absolutely jaw dropping photos of you and your favorite people throughout the event. All that said, some people know their friends like photo booths. Consider a fotobus or other photo booth experience to remember. Or better yet, do your after-party at your favorite bar that already has a photo booth. We have a lot of those in Portland!

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