SOTU Drinking Game 2019: We’re Sorry This Is Real Life

A little more back story about me. I used to be a part of the Democratic Party of Oregon House Party Team back in the Carry Oregon and Obama Days. I also used to be a Community Organizer for Obama’s first Primary Campaign, running canvases out of my house every weekend, and then throughout his entire time in office. So obviously, I have strong political opinions and yes I’ve met Barack Obama – more life changing for me I’ve HUGGED Michelle Obama.

All that said, I am a political junky. I love the weird things about politics, wonky things like land use policy, funding our schools and roads. I may be the PTO President of the second largest high school in Oregon (but I do that very non-politically and just because I have had a kid or two in that school for the past six years). I am not a fan of POTUS (this is an understatement but I’m playing nice) and I will be watching the SOTU tonight.

For starters, my lovely friend, Representative Suzanne Bonamici, has one of my best friend’s daughters at the SOTU as a guest. This isn’t because of who she knows, it’s because her daughter was very active in the student lead March 4 Our Lives Portland last year, and has taken her energy to the next level as a student activist for other causes mostly effecting women and minorities. She’s an awesome young woman, she gave a speech in front of thousands here in Portland for March 4 Our Lives, and we are all super proud of Alexandria!

Second, I’ve watched the SOTU every year since I can remember. It can be painful, but it is important to know what is happening in our world, even if what’s happening is scary, shitty, disgraceful, sad, or just boring. Man, I miss boring politics.

Third, my children are descended from people who migrated here from Sweden and Norway on my side, and lots of places including Mexico on my husband’s side. My husband’s great grandparents were field workers from Mexico working on his great-grandparent’s farm. You did read that right, it seems confusing. But his genetic great-grandparents died in the flu pandemic in the 1920s, leaving an infant daughter with no family. His great grandparents (not by birth) adopted their daughter, my husband’s grandmother, and raised her as one of their own beloved children. For my family with roots founded in Southern California, where our own children of Mexican heritage were born, border policy isn’t a political whipping stick or a way to get people with racism in their heart to vote for you.

I’ll be live tweeting the SOTU from my personal account and at our house we’ll be playing our own SOTU 2019 Drinking Game Courtesy of your’s truly. Play along if you like. Sorry, you have to watch to play. Or just read my twitter feed and I’ll try to keep up and stay sober enough to type coherently, but I’m not driving anywhere so it will all be ok!

The 2019 SOTU Drinking Game Rules

Hopefully, you are watching in a group and laughing at the ridiculousness of life in 2019 where Donald Trump is actually the President of the United States. If so, break up in to two groups, these groups are not based on your own political opinions all can play well together on either side (unlike dysfunctional D.C.) the first group will be called “We’re Down with AOC” and the other team will be called “Choosing Greatness” – I’m not kidding this is the self-described Theme of the speech.

Take a sip of the drink of your choice (it can be non-alcoholic, too) just be safe and don’t drink and drive.

Drink If Any Of The Following Under Your Side:

We’re Down With AOCChoosing Greatness
If none of the Dems clap at
an intended applause line
If Anyone audibly boos or
If the camera pans in on
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
If the camera focuses on Brett
If Trump says “Nancy Pelosi”If Trump mentions “Kevin
If Trump says “The Democrats”
followed by anything negative
If Trump claims to be the
greatest at anything
If Trump mentions “DACA”
or “Dreamers”
If Trump mentions “The Wall”
If Trump mentions our allies
literally “Germany, England
France, Canada”
If Trump mentions his
friends “Russia”
If Trump discusses any issues
positive for women
If Trump hates on choice,
or women in general
If Trump discusses racismIf Trump says something racist
If Trump bullies or calls
anyone a Trumpian Nickname
drink twice
If Trump mentions “bullying”
If he says “Be Best” drink twice

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