Sweetheart Tables

At your reception, you can seat your bridal party at a long head table with the couple, at nearby guest tables set for them and their significant others like semi head tables with the couple at a sweetheart table, or everyone mixed with the guests at the guest tables.

Some couples love having those few moments of privacy and the best seats in the house. The other benefit of a sweetheart table vs. a long head table, it can cost a lot less to decorate than a super long head table. You can do so many cool things to decorate your sweetheart table.

If your ceremony is in the same space as your reception with a cocktail hour room change, using your ceremony backdrop as a sweetheart table backdrop will cut back on extra decor needs. The table can use minimal candles and a well placed bouquet display combined with small designs to match your guest tables, or be specially designed to fit with your backdrop, you can add specialty linens for this one table, or a complete cohesive design that fits with your guest tables while using special elevated dishes, decor items you can take home and use for special occasions or for every day decor.

Your options are unlimited! This week, we’ll be at The Luxe Bridal Event at The Castaway taking part in the Sweetheart Table Showcase. The concepts we’ll have on display will show you how you can use the basic round venue sweetheart tables and decorate them in very different ways.

We’ll have three on-trend designs highlighting different concepts we’ll be seeing a lot of this wedding season.

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