Lavender Dream Sweetheart Table

The concept for this table was to create a lavender design that was zero% rustic. I’m guessing thanks to Pinterest, which we love as a design and planning tool, couples have come to think lavender has to mean rustic. It does not. It’s a beautifully soft, romantic color.

Our second goal with this table was to design using green principles. As a certified green wedding planner, who also does floral design, I’ve found the floral industry, as a whole, is deeply flawed. You’d think growing so many plants would be awesome for the environment, and it absolutely can be, and is for some farmers. The difficulty comes from shipping in most of our non-organic materials from all over the globe – such that rarely do we have to say we can’t design with that flower in your wedding month. And don’t get me started on all the floral foam.

In this table we used mostly dried materials. Most of the items at this table are not only not alive, but they were first used weeks to months ago, then preserved and reused in this design.

The bouquet being the one exception. This bouquet was designed combining dried and living flowers. It will dry out to still look pretty awesome if done right. It also serves two purposes 1) it’s a bridal bouquet. 2) it’s a centerpiece at the Sweetheart Table:

The key to using your bouquet as a centerpiece = use the right vase for your bouquet! This is a non traditional, organic flowing bouquet. The stems are intentionally cut short. The vase needs to also be short. Here we used an irradescent vase, to keep with the theme of the flatware and barware. And can I give a special shoutout to Pier 1 for this amazing dinner plate?! It’s irradescent:

Photos cannot do this justice. Especially not from my iPhone. As I said in my blog yesterday, the Sweetheart Table can be filled with coordinating dishes to the rented wares on your guest tables. They don’t have to match! And just like the tradition of the toasting glasses, supply yourselves with water glasses, plates, even flatware you can pull out anytime to bring you back to that sweet moment, alone together, soaking up the joy and love of it all.

Here’s my favorite thing about this table – the backdrop. It was hard for my non-photographer brain to capture. So here you go a better shot from today. These pieces can be transferred, and even taken to your home to use as decor and enjoy for years to come.

Featuring our tiny love Brandy

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