A Wedding Sunday In April

Sometimes in the off-season, couples are looking for some help with flowers to decorate an intimate wedding. This Sunday’s wedding suddenly turned in to a large gathering, testing the capacity of Elephants on Corbett!

Sometimes you think nobody will come to your wedding if you get married in April, but what other fun things are competing for our attention and social calendars? Nothing!

The wedding for 70-80 quickly turned in to 120 when everyone RSVPd “Yes!”

The ceremony took place at my favorite spot for any type of smaller wedding. If you are on a tight budget looking for a place to get married, Oaks Pioneer Church is the place:

Simple decor is all you need with the beautiful stained glass backdrop.

The reception was just a few minutes away at Elephants on Corbett.

They had 12 tables + a sweetheart table and still room for a buffet.

The Sweetheart Table looks bare in this photo – the family was transporting the garlands from the church to the reception later. And the bouquet would be placed in the empty vase (always a great cost-saving pro tip).

A picture of the bouquets.

Simple corsages for the moms and grandmas.

A few of the boutonnières.

The cake and cupcakes were delivered by The Cakery in Hillsdale, we set them up and decorated the three tiers. Again, pro tip, the toss bouquet doubles as a pretty extra pop of decor at the dessert table. On your wedding timeline, typically bouquet toss comes right after cake cutting so your toss bouquet is there for pictures and handy when it’s time to toss.

One of the cake tiers didn’t have a wooden platter, so I decorated all three around the bottom with leftover eucalyptus laid out in rings, and rose buds. Whenever I get pinboards from couples with styled shoot cakes filled with toxic and poisonous flowers, berries and greens I cringe. Styled shoots are not real!! Nobody is eating that cake or they may die people. We will only allow professional bakers to install florals on cakes, or as with this one, we schedule our set up for after the cake arrives to make sure it’s set up safely. All of these materials are not edible because nobody should eat flowers or greens grown in pesticides, processed in floral design chemicals, etc. These items are cleaned, they are not touching the cake at all and they are easily removed before cutting and serving.

The centerpieces were a favorite for this year! The wooden box centerpieces are a hot item this wedding season. They’re very versatile, fit with all different color schemes, can be used to line the aisle at your ceremony and placed on tables after. They fit with rustic farm decor and in a ballroom. We are glad they’re here!

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