Hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist for your wedding day

Ali Mae Photography + Blossom & Beauty MUAH

Ali Mae Photography + Blossom & Beauty MUAH

This time of year, I get a lot of requests for referrals for Makeup and Hair Artists. Brides frequently ask me if they should do their own Makeup and hair, have a friend do it, or just do it themselves.

Yes, hire a professional, and here’s why – your wedding day can be very stressful if you are nervous about being in front of all those people, or jittery about getting married, or just generally excited and anxious about everything going perfectly.

Spending your wedding morning with your best friends getting your hair and makeup done, laughing and sipping mimosas and coffee, eating a light brunch, at your chosen getting ready location or venue – these moments are priceless. But the actual price tag is actually just the cost of a few nights out on the town. So do yourself a favor, put that money aside during your engagement and just treat yourself instead of going out. It’s worth it!

You can also tell your Maid of Honor to tell your Bridal Shower guests to pitch in and gift you a donation to your “pamper yourself fund”.

Absolutely find and book your MUAH early! Find out the rates for just you, vs. just hair, just makeup, and both for your bridesmaids and mom. Once you have those rates in your girls’ gm, let everyone know how much it costs for each or both and tell them all please let me know if you’d like to buy in. If so have them Venmo you the total by a set date (within a week or two of the message) and book each who pays you.

Do not let them pay the vendor themselves that day. Do not let them say maybe, I’ll decide later. It is ok if they want to do their hair and makeup themselves, as long as they will listen to general guidance about styling and shades.

If you’re worried about DIY makeup matching gift them a pallet you like and a lipstick.

If you have the budget and want to gift this MUAH service to your bridal party, that’s awesome. Let them know in advance, so they aren’t surprised or worried about having to pay. Also if you really want to make sure everyone has the look you want, it’s ok to come up with the funds somehow to pay for those who can’t afford it. Don’t feel bad asking them to pay, it’s expected when you say yes to being in a wedding, but also be understanding if they just can’t.

Also, you can find more info in my blog on tipping, but in general, if the artist is the owner, a tip is nice and appreciated, it’s not required. If the artist is an assistant, absolutely tip! Tip the same as you would in a salon for the same service. You do not have to tip based on the overall bill including travel fees, etc. but for your specific services (15-20%).

I hope that helps, and as always if you need a referral just ask. I’m happy to help!

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