Reception Timelines

One reason to hire a wedding planner – the coordination of timelines and event flow throughout your reception. Some people wrongly believe their photographer or DJ will serve just fine as a timeline creator and monitor the timing and flow of events.

While timelines are something most vendors can create, they will be created to serve their needs. This isn’t a criticism it’s just truth. A photographer needs to make sure they get the best photos and at the times that are optimal and within your contract. No matter who sets your timeline this is an important truth. But beyond your photos, food must be served, toasts given, cake cut, dancing and fun should be had.

You absolutely need time to sneak away from the reception for sunset pics on the beach and you need time for all of the group photo musts on your list – but who’s making sure your guests are happy while you’re doing these things?

Fun story. This summer one of my groom’s brothers had a lot of fun at the reception. He wanted to make sure they allow me to dance at these things and kept checking to see if I had danced yet. I told him don’t worry, I will.

The couple and the photographer had gone on a climb down to the beach for perfect sunset photos, and I was back at the reception. The bride was worried people would notice them gone and head back to their rooms because we were at a destination resort on the coast and everyone was staying on site.

This DJ was a champ though! Which brings me to the question – can’t your DJ just set the timeline? His goal was to get everyone dancing and keep the party jumping. He was awesome at it, but he doesn’t have to care your photographer is driving back to Portland and was only paid to go until 9 and you want garter toss photos.

So while the couple was gone, I danced. The groom’s brother was pleased. I checked in on the mother of the bride and made sure her son escorted her back to her room because her husband was still partying.

When the couple got back we prepped for dessert/garter/flower toss. But the dance floor was lit and we still had the photographer for 30 minutes. The couple joined in. I danced with the bride’s sister. A LOT. And just like that people started taking a beer break, I got the DJ to fire up the bouquet toss music (Single Ladies, of course) and right on schedule the photographer was on the road, the DJ kicked it back in to high gear and everyone was happy.

One vendor can’t direct your event the way a planner can serve everyone’s needs. And a good planner will make sure to notify all your vendors of the timeline before. They’ll reassure them we don’t stop a wild dance party to stick to a plan, and we make sure our vendors are just as happy we were there as the brother-of-The-Groom and the happy couple.

I’m a director of your event, my goal is to make everyone happy I was there.

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