DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces can be very expensive. Here are some ideas to help you cut costs:

1) Order pieces that can be used at your ceremony then easily moved and repurposed for at least half your tables during the reception:

These boxed designs just simply get picked up and placed in the center of rounds with votives for elegant centerpieces.

2. Order low designs instead of tall, Tall designs average $150-$350 each table. You’ll save money just by not going high.

3. Skip the fancy vessel. You don’t need an ornate gold compote. Even if you just rent them, they will add a lot to each table. Instead you can order pieces with 100% hidden mechanics built in to a disposable container. Bonus points – you can send them home with guests and cut down on cleanup time:

The first piece runs $100 each (rental of vessel included) the bottom $50 each.

4. Order flowers for half of your guest tables, use candles and DIY styles for the other half.

Our favorite DIY centerpiece is the simple floating candles. Fancy it up, add cranberries, rocks, greens around the bottom or tapers in craft sand, or a combo to mix it up:

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