Guest Books

The guestbook from my wedding has sat in a hat box in my closet for 22 years. It’s falling apart, despite never being looked at. Guestbooks are just a sweet reminder of who was at your wedding. Over the years so much will change, loved ones will be lost, you’ll enjoy knowing this weird thing exists.

Alternatives to the guestbook

One of our favorites is as simple as a handful of Sharpies and a wooden letter. A wooden signboard of the state of Oregon with your names and wedding date, an engagement picture with a wide mat frame to sign, whatever style you prefer to see on a wall somewhere in your home.

Signed hearts to be attached to a family tree or designed in a shadow box.

And a trend many couples tried over the past few years, but we really don’t recommend this trend needs to die, the insta pix or Polaroid guestbook:

I’ve done two weddings with these recently, they both flopped. At this wedding, the flower girl took more pictures than all the other guests combined (and I kept chasing her away because they were all pictures of walls or floors or peoples butts). Nobody likes taking Polaroid pictures at weddings. They’re low quality, everyone looks bad, nobody wants you to remember that for life.

At another wedding, we had a camera fail. The cameras were not charged and didn’t have the needed chargers in the boxes. We had no choice but to put out a camera you couldn’t use because we didn’t get them until 30 minutes before the wedding (always give us decor and other items ready to use or by the rehearsal at the latest or we won’t have time to troubleshoot).

They’re just bad. They seem great, in theory it’s a fun idea, in theory. But in reality, they’re not good. A better alternative is to have a different guestbook and create a great hashtag for fun photos. One of my couples for next year has #poolehall that’s freakin gold! I can help you come up with a hashtag if you are struggling. But a memorable hashtag allows your friends to insta the pics they stage with great lighting and use their high quality phone cameras to take. It’s a win/win!

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