COVID-19 and Your Wedding

We know this is a scary and strange time. To all of our customers, rest assured we will assist you with any necessary rescheduling or changes that may arise because of this global Pandemic.

So far, gatherings of 250 or more are banned in the state of Oregon for the next 4 weeks. Many people will be unable to travel for at least the next several months – either due to mandatory quarantines or because of doctor recommendations.

Everyone needs to do their part even if you are not in a risk group, because we need to protect everyone in our communities. If you planned your wedding for this Spring, now is the time to reschedule, go ahead on a more intimate scale or completely change your plans. We are not lawyers. Read your contracts, most have Act Of God Clauses.

What happens if you must change your plans? The first thing to do is work with all of your existing vendors to change the date. Most of your vendors should do everything they can to accommodate an emergency date change without any extra fees. If they are sticky on this, wait for broader government orders (as we expect things to keep changing) over the next few weeks. Those unwilling to be flexible now may have no choice if government guidelines get stricter.

If a vendor cannot accommodate your new date, work with them. Many of us are small business owners who network with others. Just as we worked together to find emergency changes during the wildfires in The Gorge, we will do the same now. Most Act Of God Clauses provide for a suitable replacement if they themselves can’t be available. If they are sick on your wedding date they should do the same, by the terms of the contract.

Do not panic. Our state is under a state of emergency which means vendors cannot price gouge. You have added protections at this time.

Simple suggestions to remain calm about planning your wedding:

Reach out to those who should not travel for the next few months. People like my mom have been told to leave their house as little as possible. Do assure them that you will send them pictures, videos and be present with them at a later time. They need to hear from you that you do not need them physically present to be there with you on your wedding day and every day.

Your wedding may be more intimate now. It may be necessary to downsize intentionally from your original plan. Don’t make that call too early. If you have a summer or fall wedding planned, you don’t need to panic prepare. You need to wait and see.

If you don’t already have a planner get one.

If you didn’t hire a videographer, do so. Ask about live streaming options!

If your plans need to be fluid, that’s ok.

If you need to cancel your honeymoon for now, you will get to do it later!

It’s all going to get better, and you are not alone.

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