When Weddings Are A Thing Once Again

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We promise, people will be able to have weddings again. But if you’ve been planning a 2020 or even a 2021 wedding, things are going to change for the safety of everyone involved.

We are still recommending you not cancel or reschedule weddings beyond May, at this point. But here are some things you need to begin planning for if your wedding is scheduled for anytime this summer.

1. Your wedding will be more intimate than originally planned.

Even if everyone you invited lives locally, some people may not be able to attend your wedding or any large event until a vaccine exists. High risk individuals or people who reside or work with high risk populations will not want to miss your biggest day – but they may have to.

People who need to travel to be here may be unable to do so, depending on where they live and current circumstances in their own community, as well as yours. Cancelling or postponing your wedding because some of your most important people cannot physically be there is a difficult choice to make, but remember to make your decision for important reasons to do with your love for your future spouse and your desire to be married on your planned wedding date.

You may have a very different type of wedding celebration, that can go on in a very different way, and continue for the next year-18 months. Multiple smaller than planned celebration dinners over the next year+ as circumstances allow, will replace large weddings of the past. If you had a lot of family planning to travel from one place, instead you may plan on a future trip and future celebratory dinner in their hometown.

In Oregon, the trend has already been toward more intimate and different weddings. If you are recently engaged, haven’t begun putting down deposits, we’d love to help you think outside of the box and plan for a very progressive wedding perfect for the times we are living in, one that celebrates your love and supports your local community of small business owners.

If you already had the huge wedding planned start accepting it will change now – beginning with head counts.

2. Hire a quality videographer – one with the ability to add streaming services.

You’re going to have dear loved ones who cannot be at your wedding for their safety. They would likely rather you get married, as planned, instead of cancelling for them. Have those difficult conversations. Regardless of who can’t be there, we know they are people you love. Please hire a quality videographer! You are going to want to stream the wedding, as well as have a quality video for them, so they can see you get married even if they can’t physically be there.

3. Create a wedding website and use it, to keep your guests informed

Even when things begin to go back to more normal, they will not be normal until there is a vaccine, broad rapid result testing capabilities exist, and a way to determine who already has built up immunity. You will need to keep communication current for your guests.

4. If you were planning a buffet, change your plan to plated.

Buffets are popular for weddings, but they are the least safe food service for these challenging times. Ask your caterer now to give you new menu options for plated food service if you were originally planning for a buffet. Odds are your overall head count will go down so this should not greatly affect your budget. It will mean having to find out a food selection from guests, before your wedding date. Many wedding websites have online rsvp functions with meal choice selections as an option.

If you have already sent invitations or had them printed, you can create a google form to get this information by email, send a text link, share it on your wedding website, etc. it will create a google spreadsheet with the results, which makes it super easy for creating escort cards of place cards where you can indicate meal choice for serving staff.

Again, your planner can do all of this for you, or help you set it up.

4. Even if you’ve already mailed invitations, or have printed ones, you may want to send follow up email invitations with new information.

I’ve advised my couples to hold off on ordering invitations until the last minute. If it’s already too late, and things may have changed since you placed your order, consider using PaperlessPost, of GreenVelope to send new invites by email. It will cost less than printed invites and save you a lot of time and stress.

We’re here to help. If anyone has questions, ask. You don’t have to be a client.

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