Need Help Postponing or Redesigning Your Wedding?

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If you have been affected by COVID 19 shutdowns and uncertainty and need help designing a different wedding and rescheduling please let us help you.

How can we help you?

1. We are offering free advice to any couple in need of help by email only –

Ask away!

2. Need help redesigning, cancelling and rescheduling? We’ll custom quote any rescheduling package. Prices will vary from $20-$200 depending on what you need. From simple help to more involved assistance in the process. This service is free to any of our existing customers.

Get started now fill out this online form for emailed free advice of other help rescheduling and redesigning.

3. Assistance writing or designing wedding website content for updating and informing guests.


When should I decide to reschedule or cancel?

Any wedding through May you should either plan to redesign as a streamed elopement from home or reschedule completely.

June/July weddings, this is tricky. We will know more by May, but early June is unlikely to be better than May. Late June-July weddings may happen but look very different than you originally planned. Please start considering changes to make.

Seriously consider online invites or, as opposed to traditional invites if you have been holding off until the last minute to do your invites. Order a short run of invite paper suites for moms and those who will want keepsakes (25 max) in case you need to make changes after they have been sent. The post office is not as reliable right now, services are delayed to some areas. And info is changing rapidly. Paperless invites are more affordable and you can work details of your wedding website in to them as links your guests can easily find in their inbox to get new info. As an added bonus updates or complete changes are easier to communicate digitally.

What if my guest count drops significantly?

Plan on fewer guests for any wedding taking place in the next 12-18 months. Until there is a vaccine travel will be difficult to impossible for at risk populations. Don’t put pressure on anyone in high risk populations to be physically present. Guests in other countries or states may not be able to travel due to restrictions where they are traveling from.

Even local guests may be suddenly unable to attend if they get sick. An unexpected fever will mean staying home, even if it ends up just being a common cold. Expect your guest count to drop noticeably. Changing venues can be an expensive move if you are keeping your date, try to keep your venue if it makes sense to do so. Work with your venue and caterer to make appropriate changes to reach minimums or redesign the set up to work with your new numbers vs. your original plans.

Work with all of your vendors. Understand supply chains have changed and been disrupted from florals to food supplies. You may need to be flexible with substitutions. Your change in numbers may not change your final price tag or it may dramatically cost less, but you may also receive substitutions and upgrades that end up changing your overall design.

What should I change or redesign to help keep my guests safe?

The biggest change you can make is to offer video and streaming services for anyone who is at risk. Those 65 and older, people with diabetes, asthma, pregnant guests, and guests with compromised immune systems, etc. should receive a call or special message or note from you giving them a connection to your wedding, without having to risk their safety to attend.

Many videographers are offering streaming services. At the very least delegate this task to a friend you trust with technology. Do a test run at the rehearsal to make sure it works. At the very least, plan to video or stream your wedding using zoom, or another service. Make sure your venue has WiFi, test it (I know I said this twice). Plan to set up a cell hotspot if needed.

Pass on buffets or family style meal service. For appetizers have tray passed items in containers or otherwise plan for items to reduce the number of contacts the items may have. Plated dinners by your servers is going to be safer than buffet lines with everyone touching serving devices.

Avoid choosing hand held foods like pizza or burgers, opting instead for meals eaten with utensils.

Have hand sanitizer available for guests and plenty of dodo in the venue bathrooms. If your. Enid does not have adequate hand washing facilities or if it is rustic with outhouses, rent hand washing stations and or upgrade to a more sanitary trailer bathroom service.

Have assigned seating. If you’re venue is very large and your guest count has been greatly reduced consider using more tables with fewer people – seat people from the same households at each table.

Should I change venues if I’m cancelling/rescheduling?

The answer greatly depends on a lot of factors. If your guest count has dropped significantly, you may want to change venues.

If your original venue was a destination venue or someplace far enough away from your hometown you rented an Airbnb or hotel, and your wedding is now 50 or less people, and you can cancel without losing more than you’ll save, consider this option. If the venue is paid for, and your dream venue, try to redesign at your dream venue rather than changing everything.

If you are simply changing the date, try to keep all the vendors you can. If you believe a winter wedding will be better than keeping your date with a redesign, reconsider this assumption. Nobody knows what will happen for the next year to 18 months. You cannot be certain things will not be worse in December than they are in August. If you want to marry your person, you love your venue, strongly consider having a changed wedding on your planned date vs. possibly having to reschedule again later.

Anybody who tells you they know what will happen is not being honest. Nobody knows. You have to dig deep. Talk to your loved ones and decide what is most important to you right now. We will get through this. It will get better. We don’t know exactly what will happen one month from the next. But there are experts we are listening to and changing situations we will adjust to.

We are sorry this is happening, your love will still be celebrated. Your upcoming marriage is still important.

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