Bridal Bouquets 101

When deciding on a bouquet, you have a lot to think about besides color. This is not a corsage for a high school dance, this is your wedding! It doesn’t matter if you are going to elope or are if you are having an intimate wedding at home, or if you are having a large gathering – you deserve to have your perfect bouquet designed just for you!

At Vareus Events, we can almost always accommodate a personal flowers order of bouquets, boutonnières, pocket squares, hair flowers, corsages, if we have enough notice. The number one mistake folks make when they decide they want a bouquet is they decide too late and have to get whatever they can find from a local florist.

Don’t make this mistake! Order your flowers from a professional wedding designer, in advance.

Hand tied bouquet – photo by Dan Rice Photography

What you need to know to order a bouquet

Your designer will create the best custom bouquet for you if they know these following details:

Pageant style bouquet – photo by Roberto Rodriguez Photography

Your size matters! If you have a short torso like me, a super large bouquet will take away from your dress details. And a full wild bouquet for my sister (who is maybe 5 feet tall) would need to be a lot less full than a bouquet for a 5’ 10” person.

Fun fact, anybody can carry any shape bouquet, it just needs to be designed to scale.

Round bouquet – Ismael S. Photography

Color matters, but at this time we highly recommend you let us know types of flowers you like, and encourage you to be ok with substitutions. Like every industry, flower farms have been hit hard by the lasting effects of the pandemic. Be flexible with flower types (while still sharing your favorites) show us your colors and let us find you the best options for your exact bouquet.

Wild modern bouquet – Ellie Asher Photography

Why does venue matter? Because a Catholic Church is going to get upset if your wild bouquet is shedding on their floor before their evening mass. If you’re outside in direct sun in August, we’re going to want to design with things that will hold up better.

Hand tied 100% locally farmed

And finally, we want to know your preferences. We all know you’ve pinned photos or seen pics you like. Share those please, but understand those are somebody else’s work. We aren’t here to copy, we’re here to see you and hear you and custom design for you.

Cascading bouquet – Danae Jones Photography

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