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Five Tips For Personalizing Your Wedding

Getting married should be a deeply personal thing. Figuring out ways to personalize your wedding can be a challenge when there is so much baked in to the expectations and traditions of a wedding.

1) Write Your Own Vows
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The best way to personalize your ceremony has been the same for a very long time – write your own custom vows. If speaking in front of a crowd terrifies you, do a first look. During this private time, with nobody but yourselves and the photographer around, exchange your personal private vows. Create a co-authored custom set of vows you plan to have your officiant read and each of you repeat during your ceremony. It’s a lot easier to write personal vows if you don’t have to say them in front of everyone. It is important you hire a photographer you are very comfortable with if you plan to do this in front of your photographer.

2) Include Favorite quotes and poems throughout your day
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Lots of folks include readings as part of their ceremony. One of the best ceremonies we’ve seen included a poem written by friends of the couple. Others have done a read along where folks recite one line each from a favorite poem for crowd participation. You can also include favorite quotes on a scroll as decor, in your printed program, or as part of a speech.

3) Build Your Own Arch
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We have an inventory of arch options you can rent or borrow, but we LOVE when our clients build their own arch for us to decorate. The best part about them is you can put them up in your garden after the wedding and enjoy them for years to come! Many of our clients have chosen to do this.

4) Get married at home

We’ve helped plan intimate at home weddings as well as large family estate weddings. Getting married at your family home is a great way to make your day extra special and personal. Converting your home in to a venue can be a lot of work and requires a lot of planning – along with the perfect team of professionals. It’s definitely worth the effort!

Krishna Muirhead Photography
5) Customized Music Selections and Performances

Most couples choose songs that are special to them for going down the aisle and for their first dance, it’s even more personal when a loved one, or the couple perform as part of their wedding. I have zero musical talent, so it wouldn’t be for me – but we have had some amazingly talented clients who’ve performed duets, solos, or played musical instruments at their wedding. Many have had a family member or friend perform, and one had a sing along with accompaniment by a friend playing the accordion as part of their reception.

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