Sadie McIntyre

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I’m Sadie, I have spent 17 years in various roles as an event planner. As a professional, I have experience planning high-end religious and non-denominational weddings. As a volunteer, I’ve organized non-profit auctions, and other fundraisers to benefit area schools and youth organizations. As an activist, I’ve organized, trained, and worked with volunteers for different causes I believe in. My credentials and thank you’s include a thank you note hand signed by former President Barack Obama, vendors I’ve worked with, and families I’ve helped over the years in a professional capacity.

I’m a Certified Wedding Planner. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to do this, I’ve made planning events and fundraising for charity my life’s passion. Years ago, while planning weddings in San Diego,  I was fortunate enough to help plan some of the most beautiful ceremonies at some of the most breathtaking resorts, and neighborhood churches and venues. I learned then what I value most in planning a wedding: it has to be all about what makes you a couple wanting to unite as one. Let’s celebrate what brought you together, why you want to spend your lives together, and let’s create the perfect day to capture everything that makes your love story important and special.

Every wedding should tell a story, what’s your story, and how can I help you tell it?

A few fun facts about me: My favorite things are my family, my dogs, weddings, bourbon, beer.  My favorite flowers are Stargazer Lilies, and Birds of Paradise, but please not together!

My motto: Life isn’t always a party, but it should be!

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