Phased Opening by County (Update 5-14-20)

Your Micro Wedding Size Will Vary by County and Phase of Opening As Oregon begins to reopen it could get a little confusing for events for a while. Some counties will be in Phase I, some will be in Phase II, and some will still be in Baseline or shut down mode. In general theContinue reading “Phased Opening by County (Update 5-14-20)”

“To The Happy Couple! Cheers!”

Many couples wonder when to do toasts and speeches, who should speak, and sometimes ask how they can tell somebody they really don’t want them speaking – without offending them. There’s a right way and a wrong way to be nice. Here are some general concepts of how to do all of the above, andContinue reading ““To The Happy Couple! Cheers!””

Hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist for your wedding day

Ali Mae Photography + Blossom & Beauty MUAH This time of year, I get a lot of requests for referrals for Makeup and Hair Artists. Brides frequently ask me if they should do their own Makeup and hair, have a friend do it, or just do it themselves. Yes, hire a professional, and here’s whyContinue reading “Hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist for your wedding day”