“To The Happy Couple! Cheers!”

Many couples wonder when to do toasts and speeches, who should speak, and sometimes ask how they can tell somebody they really don’t want them speaking – without offending them. There’s a right way and a wrong way to be nice. Here are some general concepts of how to do all of the above, andContinue reading ““To The Happy Couple! Cheers!””

4 Tips to Reduce Your Wedding’s Carbon Footprint

In honor of Earth Day 2019, we’d like to give you 4 easy tips for reducing your impact on the environment as you plan your wedding. 1. Your Catering Choices The most important thing you can do to reduce your impact on the environment, choose a green caterer. Our top recommendation for full service greenContinue reading “4 Tips to Reduce Your Wedding’s Carbon Footprint”

A Wedding Sunday In April

Sometimes in the off-season, couples are looking for some help with flowers to decorate an intimate wedding. This Sunday’s wedding suddenly turned in to a large gathering, testing the capacity of Elephants on Corbett! Sometimes you think nobody will come to your wedding if you get married in April, but what other fun things areContinue reading “A Wedding Sunday In April”

Having A Friend Officiate Your Wedding

Ever since the episode of Friends where Joey got ordained to perform Chandler and Monica’s wedding, it’s become more and more of a trend. In Oregon, very few couples opt to get married in a church or to have a religious ceremony. More couples are writing their own vows, opting for non traditional ceremonies blendingContinue reading “Having A Friend Officiate Your Wedding”