A Wedding Sunday In April

Sometimes in the off-season, couples are looking for some help with flowers to decorate an intimate wedding. This Sunday’s wedding suddenly turned in to a large gathering, testing the capacity of Elephants on Corbett! Sometimes you think nobody will come to your wedding if you get married in April, but what other fun things areContinue reading “A Wedding Sunday In April”

Having A Friend Officiate Your Wedding

Ever since the episode of Friends where Joey got ordained to perform Chandler and Monica’s wedding, it’s become more and more of a trend. In Oregon, very few couples opt to get married in a church or to have a religious ceremony. More couples are writing their own vows, opting for non traditional ceremonies blendingContinue reading “Having A Friend Officiate Your Wedding”

Lavender Dream Sweetheart Table

The concept for this table was to create a lavender design that was zero% rustic. I’m guessing thanks to Pinterest, which we love as a design and planning tool, couples have come to think lavender has to mean rustic. It does not. It’s a beautifully soft, romantic color. Our second goal with this table wasContinue reading “Lavender Dream Sweetheart Table”

2019 Trend – Tropical Florals

Tropical leaves, bright oranges, pinks and yellows are huge trends for 2019. It doesn’t matter if you’re just doing green tropical palms and monstera leaves alone, with traditional white colors, or adding true tropical flowers like birds of paradise, princess protea, and ginger. We had the pleasure of designing a Tropical Waves sweetheart table asContinue reading “2019 Trend – Tropical Florals”