The average wedding is like this …. but we’re not average!

We only have this sheet as an example of averages. It serves the purpose of understanding how an average wedding is budgeted. And I like to tell couples I’m working with, who are just getting started, to see it, then throw that image out for a bit and imagine what you want your own weddingContinue reading “The average wedding is like this …. but we’re not average!”

Day Of vs Partial Planning

I get this question a lot when couples are first looking to hire a planner. What is the difference in rate and services for Day Of vs. Partial Planning? The truth is, it’s a big difference! If you find a planner who is just starting out, they’ll often offer really inexpensive Day Of Coordination packages.Continue reading “Day Of vs Partial Planning”

Private Estate Wedding Planning

In Oregon, it’s not weird to have a friend who’s a Congresswoman, have your kid play YMCA ball with the son of the farmers who own a big farm everyone loves on Sauvi Island, or be friends with people who own a nice piece of property in nearby wine country where you can host yourContinue reading “Private Estate Wedding Planning”