One thing everyone needs to stop doing today…

We know we are more tech savvy and in to social media than many people in their 20s-40s… occupational hazard and all. But seriously, there is something everyone from brides to event industry giants need to stop doing, today.

We live on Twitter. Our founders have been on twitter since before the kids today knew how to use a cell phone. Even before everyone had a smart phone and an app for twitter, we were using TweetDeck on our ancient desk tops. So listen to us when we say stop linking to Facebook posts or pages from twitter.

Some different forms of social media work well together, some are owned by the same parent company. While tweeting a link to your fb post might save you time, it absolutely kills your click throughs from twitter and annoys those of us who want to feel like you’ve gotten to the instant point on twitter.

The whole point of twitter is to satisfy those of us with a short attention span. We want you to show and tell us every bit of your key points – instantly. And if that messaging is on key, we’ll click through to your blog post or home page and love you for not sending us to Facebook, where we will be forced to read about Aunt Sally’s political views or Cousin Terri’s workout routine.