Steps to Creating a Wedding Budget

There are so many wedding “planning” sites out there that tell you how easily you could plan a wedding yourself and have all the most beautiful things you see in styled shoots- on a tight budget. Everywhere you look is “budget” couple this and “budget” cutting tips that. But they almost all are filled withContinue reading “Steps to Creating a Wedding Budget”

Who Should Be Part of Your Wedding Party?

Too many people ask me the question, “Is it okay if I don’t want the traditional wedding party?” Yes!! Yes of course it’s okay! This is your wedding and the only requirement is that you have an officiant, 2 witnesses who are 18 or older, and yourselves. The rest is a blank canvas for youContinue reading “Who Should Be Part of Your Wedding Party?”

Accommodations for Out of Town Guests

With the rising popularity of Airbnb’s and other alternatives to hotels, many of your out of town guests are not going to want or need recommendations on where to stay in Portland. So when do you need to contract for a room block? Find pricing for hotels near your wedding venue? Etc. If you areContinue reading “Accommodations for Out of Town Guests”