Phased Opening by County (Update 6-19-20)

Your Micro Wedding Size Will Vary by County and Phase of Opening As Oregon reopens it could get a little confusing for events for a while. Some counties will be in Phase I, some will be in Phase II, and there are no guarantees we will not need to pause or go back to BaselineContinue reading “Phased Opening by County (Update 6-19-20)”

Need Help Postponing or Redesigning Your Wedding?

If you have been affected by COVID 19 shutdowns and uncertainty and need help designing a different wedding and rescheduling please let us help you. How can we help you? 1. We are offering free advice to any couple in need of help by email only – Ask away! 2. Need help redesigning, cancellingContinue reading “Need Help Postponing or Redesigning Your Wedding?”

When Weddings Are A Thing Once Again

We promise, people will be able to have weddings again. But if you’ve been planning a 2020 or even a 2021 wedding, things are going to change for the safety of everyone involved. We are still recommending you not cancel or reschedule weddings beyond May, at this point. But here are some things you needContinue reading “When Weddings Are A Thing Once Again”

Getting your marriage certificate during the shutdown

The County Ckerk offices in Oregon are closed right now due to COVID-19, but you can still get a valid Oregon marriage license. In Oregon, you can get your license in any county, you do not have to live in, or be married in that county – you just need to be married in theContinue reading “Getting your marriage certificate during the shutdown”