Floral Crowns, things to consider

  Planning on wearing a floral crown at your wedding? We have some advice for you. 1) Do you have seasonal allergies, do some flowers make you itch? Know the answer to this question before ordering a floral crown. You know when you buy a box of home hair dye (not that we aren’t allContinue reading “Floral Crowns, things to consider”

A Bride’s Guide to Tipping and Thank You Etiquette

  There are some things you can do on or after your wedding to show your appreciation to friends, loved ones, and vendors who are taking part in your special day. Giving a thank you gift to your bridal party, each other (bride and groom), your immediate family, and favors for your guests: You absolutelyContinue reading “A Bride’s Guide to Tipping and Thank You Etiquette”

Time to Book A Florist: How To Guide

It’s been a time filled with lots of quotes and consultations. Engagement season leads to booking season. And we’re busy and living it! Here are some tips for those looking to hire a wedding floral designer. Be as detailed as possible if you are fishing for rates, or you may miss out on the rightContinue reading “Time to Book A Florist: How To Guide”