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What’s Allowed Today?

As of today elopements only up to 10 people – people from other households must stay socially distanced 6 feet apart in Washington, Clackamas, Marion, or Multnomah Counties.

Tips for eloping now:

  • Consider Zoom or live streaming your ceremony.
  • Ask friends who live in town to be your witnesses.
  • You need 1 officiant (may be a friend ordained online) 2 witnesses and the couple.
  • Washington County is still doing marriage licenses by mail.
  • A photographer can be counted as a witness. Many counties will allow a photographer to work if they keep within social distancing guidelines.

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Elopement Planning

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What is next?

Most Counties outside of the Portland Metro Area in Oregon are in Phase I

Metro Area Counties are not expected to open before June at the earliest. See our blog post for county by county info.

Tips for planning a Phase I Micro Wedding:

  • All social distancing guidelines still apply.
  • No overnight or unnecessary travel beyond 50 miles, so do not expect to have guests from out of town.
  • Your best bet is still a back yard, or nearby outdoor setting.
  • Some venues will begin to open. Research their Phase I plan to host an event.
  • Face coverings are advised.
  • Buffets should not be considered safe even if you are self-catering.
  • Include all vendors (music, photographer, officiant, anyone present) in your max 25 people number.
  • Socially distant spacing should be maintained (6 feet apart by household not guest).

Planning for Phase II: June 5th is the very earliest date we can expect to see any gatherings beyond 25 people in any Oregon county. If weddings beyond 25 are allowed this summer, we do not expect more than 50 people max in phase II and absolutely don’t expect more than 100 at any point through the end of September, but that is not set nor is there a date you should consider safe to plan on for a group of more than 25 people.

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Micro Wedding Planning

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Your original plans are gone, but your wedding day can still be amazing.

How to plan moving forward?

Based on all of the reading, consulting with local lawmakers and their representatives, as well as experts in weddings all over the nation, we can tell you that due to economic impacts as well as COVID-19 itself, we expect weddings to continue to be impacted by COVID-19 for at least a year. We will update this page with just facts we know, as they become available.

You have a lot to think about:

  • Reschedule, possibly only to be impacted on your later date.
  • Host a wedding on time in the way that is allowed at the time.
  • Elope.

Nobody should make this choice for you, and you should not worry that you will disappoint anybody you love no matter what your choice may be. Weddings are ultimately about the union between two people – joining together to create a brand new life as one.

Our job is to make this the best day possible with what the circumstances are exactly at the time you are set to get married.