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Planning a wedding is often stressful – try planning three options for the same day, just in case! Let us help you!

Vareus Events is located in Washington County – we are now in Phase I and open for business. We are offering wedding planning services for Oregon only. We are not offering Day of Coordination services at this time but we are offering special pricing for full service or partial service – you need expert information and up to date input now more than ever and we’re here for you.

It’s not a joke when I say to get married right now you either need to plan to elope (we can help and make it beautiful) or you need to have at least three potential weddings ready to go for Phase I, Phase II, and falling back in to Baseline – at any time. Our latest wedding was relocated to a new venue two weeks before the wedding date. This is the temporary new normal.

See our blog post for current county by county info.

Tips for planning a Phase I Intimate Wedding:

  • Hire a wedding expert to help you plan.
  • All social distancing guidelines apply at any venue. If you are hosting a private event indoors at a private residence you are limited to 10 people.
  • If you are having a church wedding please see the risk level chart above. They will not be open in this Phase, but many will allow elopement sized ceremonies with up to 10 total people inside the church and streaming available. We offer Zoom streaming set up for your videographer or designated attendee.
  • In this phase, restaurants and many venues are open and an option for your reception.
  • All Restaurants and venues statewide are limited to 100 people max (dependent on square footage) indoors and 250 outdoors. All restaurants, bars and most venues will close service by 10pm state wide – this is not dependent on phase.
  • There are travel restrictions for guests coming from certain areas of the country currently being overwhelmed by COVID-19.
  • Your best bet is an outdoor setting.
  • You cannot have an event with more than 10 people (including yourselves) at a private residence indoors.
  • Many Metro venues are open for up to 25 total people including yourselves and vedors.
  • Face coverings will be required in any public indoor space or any outdoor space where you cannot keep socially distant (you may eat and drink without your face coverings). This rule will now apply to all people age 5 and up, unless exempt for medical reasons.
  • Buffets should not be considered safe even if you are self-catering.
  • Socially distant spacing should be maintained (6 feet apart by household not by guest).

Tips for planning a Phase II wedding:

  • In this phase, churches are allowed to host gatherings up to 100 people indoor if proper spacing is available to maintain social distancing of 6 feet per family. It is still considered a high risk activity. Consider limiting the number of guests you invite to your ceremony and stream for others who may join you for the reception after.
  • Outdoor venues are best you may have up to 250 in Phase II.
  • Social gatherings at a private home should be planned for a max of 10 people (including vendors) for indoors. Use a venue and licensed caterer for a reception of any size.
  • Plan to cap your guest list at 80 max and do not plan on buffet style services. Stick to plated service if you are having an event at a restaurant or venue indoors.
  • Table layouts should be by family with no more than 10 people at any table.
  • Consider renting smaller tables to fit families or couples as opposed to mixing people from outside of the same household at the same table.
  • If using large rounds or long and wide talbes, group couples or households with extra space in between others if you must seat them at the same table.
  • Facial coverings (except while eating or drinking) are required for all people age 5 and up indoor or outdoor where you cannot maintain social distancing of 6 feet.

General Tips for Planning During COVID 19:

  • Order enough keepsake invitations for your immediate family and bridal party, for everybody else you will need to set up a digital invite (trust us – info, venues, important details may change up to the day before your wedding). We recomment PaperlessPost or
  • Create a wedding website to post all of your current links, details, and invite information.
  • Have 3 lists of guests – those who will and must be there, Those you will invite if you can have up to 25, and those you will invite if you can have a full event (not more than 50-100 in most scenarios)

Intimate Wedding Flowers

Just a few pieces or completely Custom Designed micro wedding flowers.

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Your original plans are gone, but your wedding day can still be amazing.

How to plan moving forward?

Based on all of the reading, consulting with local lawmakers and their representatives, as well as experts in weddings and travel, all over the nation, we can tell you that due to economic impacts as well as COVID-19 itself, we expect weddings to continue to be impacted by COVID-19 for at least two years. We will update this page with just facts we know, as they become available.

You have a lot to think about:

  • Reschedule, possibly only to be impacted on your later date.
  • Host a wedding on time in the way that is allowed at the time.
  • Elope.

Nobody should make this choice for you, and you should not worry that you will disappoint anybody you love no matter what your choice may be. Weddings are ultimately about the union between two people – joining together to create a brand new life as one.

Our job is to make this the best day possible with what the circumstances are exactly at the time you are set to get married.