Elated Still Photography

So shit got crazy, but life goes on. Your original dream wedding and celebration aren’t happening right now. You may have already postponed a large celebration for a later date or maybe eloping just sounds like the best thing for you.

Don’t worry people understand. You will be showered with love and you’ll get to celebrate over time with lots of small dinners, BBQs, trips to far away places when that can happen, or a big celebration when it’s safe. Your people are going to be so excited to celebrate with you any way and any time they can – but that doesn’t mean your life together should wait!

Our Offerings

A little change of plans
Assistance renegotiating with as many of your existing vendors on your same wedding date based on the new realities for that date.


Planned elopement
Recently engaged and ready to elope? We can help you plan, design and do this thing!


Let’s do this!