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Weddings are expensive. So hire a professional to help you plan your wedding. Save yourself time and money in the end, by working with a planner in the beginning. A lot of non-experts don’t know the right places to start looking for services, how to cut costs, or they fall in to the trap of a cookie-cutter wedding package and end up feeling a lot of regret when their wedding wasn’t all they had hoped for.

Vareus Events can help you navigate the process of creating a plan for your wedding. We’ll help you set a realistic budget, give you tips and ideas that fit with your vision, and direct you to venues and vendors that will work for you.

Vareus Beginnings somewhere in the middle – $200 +

  • A free 1 hour Initial Consultation
  • Follow up Consultation with a detailed wedding budget
  • Vendor and Venue recommendations based on your budget, vision, and details discussed in our initial consultation
  • Provide you with a custom wedding plan set up and ready for you to complete the tasks on a timeline
  • Any agreements we make with vendors are to benefit our client and help them receive a greater discount. So you can trust when we give you a recommendation it is because we believe this vendor could be a perfect fit for your needs and budget.
  • We do not charge our Wedding Planning Package customers for additional recommendations during your planning process. If you didn’t realize you’d need a recommendation for an antique table rental service six months down-the-road, just email or text your coordinator and we’ll get you a recommendation.

*Additional services available at a quoted rate include design services, destination weddings with complete vendor recommendations anywhere, detailed elopment plans that will work even on short notice.

Vareus Design  somewhere in the middle – $200 +

You have your wedding planned, sites chosen, you’re covered for the planning on your wedding day,  but you need help with ceremony decoration concepts or reception place settings. We’ll help you design a floorplan, decor, table place settings, centerpieces, table plans/seating charts, table numbering and place cards, ceremony decorations, lighting, staging separation between ceremony, cocktail hour and reception – and connect you to all of the vendors you will need to turn your concept into reality

  • A free 1 hour consultation where we can learn about you and your ideas.
  • A certified wedding planner will help you create a detailed budget.
  • A complete action plan with a guide for how to enact your plan.
  •  A custom list of recommendations narrowed directly to suit your needs and budget.

Add wedding Design, and styling services. If you have visions for a themed wedding, or an outdoor venue with a lot of extra design work, rentals, floral creations and wow factors needed, we can help you design a grand affair. If you are

Ceremony Officiating – $500 (less for existing package customers)

1 hour free consultation, 1 final meeting and ceremony planning session at least 1 month out. Up to 1 ½ hours rehearsal. Perform Ceremony, Sign papers immediately after your wedding and file paperwork to make it official. All of our ceremonies are performed by Sadie McIntyre, Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. Your ceremony can be traditional, include religious aspects from any faith or multiple faiths, or can be completely custom and creatively written.

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