Steps to Creating a Wedding Budget

There are so many wedding “planning” sites out there that tell you how easily you could plan a wedding yourself and have all the most beautiful things you see in styled shoots- on a tight budget. Everywhere you look is “budget” couple this and “budget” cutting tips that. But they almost all are filled with horrible advice. Their goal is to get you to a site that is pay to play for anyone who advertises with them. They want you to believe that planning is easy and with their help it will cost you less!

Here’s the truth, before COVID, weddings averaged almost exactly the same amount as your average new car. The price tag was right around $32,000 for a wedding. Many couples quickly realized last year you can get married with a very small investment, if you have an intimate wedding. This has always been the case! The other side of the coin is this – you only get married once in your life and you may actually have the money to invest an average car or a luxury car level of budget in your wedding. Invest in your joy! Don’t cut yourself short or lose out on the details that truly matter to you, if that is within your means!

Before diving in to this process to create a budget, ask yourself- do you have the kind of budget where you truly don’t need to stress over this process? If so hire a planner FIRST. A seasoned planner, like me, will help walk you through this process without you even knowing you are doing it. It won’t be cumbersome and your only investment will be your time contributed to a free intial consultation. If you aren’t sure if you can afford a planner, or you know you want to go this alone, see below for your guide on how to do this- for real. It’s work, but that’s ok. It is valuable work!

The Steps to Creating a True Wedding Budget

Step 1 Decide how much money you have to spend on your wedding. This number will be different for every couple- so why do so many people buy in to the idea that there is a typical wedding? There isn’t. We can tell you average costs or average guest counts, but within that set of information includes weddings of all sizes, styles and budgets. Throw out the concept that you need to spend an amount you don’t have for a type of wedding you can’t afford or don’t want. Feel good about your wedding being the weding that is right for you! Figure out how much money parents or others will be contributing to your wedding, add in how much you can contribute- without feeling overwhelmed or going in to debt. That total is your overall budget. Stick to this number!

Step 2 Sit down with your partner and each of you should spend a little time creating a list of what you feel you “Must Have”, “May Want,” “Don’t Need,” and “Don’t Want” at your wedding. Consider guest size you find ideal, quality and types of food and drinks, location or type of venue, style, etc. These things will be shaped by your experiences and your vision for your wedding. They will be different for every couple!

Step 3 Now it is time to take “My List,” and “Your List” and turn that in to one final list. What you’ll be left with is a perfect blending of exactly what you both need and want to feel like your wedding is the right joyful celebration for you. This should give you a clear picture of what you find truly important, and what neither of you really care to have at your wedding.

Step 4 It’s time to break up your total budget in to categories as a percentage of your budget. Below I’ve included basic categories often included in wedding costs. Make yours fit your needs. If something on this list is not on yours – leave it out and create a ratio that works for you. If you have leftovers, put it in a “Misc.” section – you’ll need it down the road!

Here is a broad guide and percentage break down to help you consider what you might spend on each:

  1. Wedding Planner: We save you from costly mistakes and booking vendors and venues you truly cannot afford, so talk to a planner first!
  2. Venue, catering and rentals: Some venues have onsite catering, tables, linens, dishes, chairs and other items included all in their costs. Other venues include nothing or just some tables and chairs, which may or may not work with your decor plan. Some venues require you to use specific catering options, others require you to have a day of coordinator. If you are going to need a planner on your wedding day anyway, consider investing in full service planning to start.
  3. Photographer and Videographer: You will only be left with photos and videos when the day is over, invest in professionals for this category for any size wedding! Many people opt out of having a videographer, think long and hard about that. You may be sad down the road and you can’t go back in time.
  4. Officiant: This may be your clergy, it may be a person you know and love who is ordained or will become ordained, or it may be a professional officiant who exclusively performs weddings.
  5. Rehearsal Dinner: This may be an informal BBQ at a park or a catered dinner at your family home, or it may be a formal dinner at a restaurant or venue. It can just include immediate family and your wedding party and their immediate family, or include more people- this is up to you.
  6. DJ or Band: A band and live music typically cost more than a DJ. Determine if you want a DJ for your ceremony and reception, live music at the ceremony and cocktail hour with a DJ for the reception, or live music throughout the event.
  7. Attire + MUAH : You only pay for your own attire, your wedding party is expected to pay for their own attire, makeup, and hair. If you will have onsite makeup and hair, there is a limited supply of quality professionals who provide this service. You will need to book early! They fully book 6-12 months out for peak wedding dates.
  8. Desserts and Cake: Do you want just a cutting cake and cupcakes, small pies, pastries, and cookies for your guests? Maybe you want a s’mores station or ice cream, or something different. Decide and budget accordingly.
  9. Design, Decor, and Flowers: Do you want to invest in a few statement pieces, do you want to just have a bouquet, are you wanting non floral centerpieces, or beautiful full florals everywhere you look? Is your asthetic romantic, classic, natural, soft, or bold? Consider your venue type and location when thinking about how little or how much decor is going to be needed.
  10. Invites + Printing – All printed materials for your wedding from save the dates to invite suites, menus, place cards or escort cards for the reception, etc.

Step 5 Can you afford the wedding you were hoping for? Do the research! You may need to scale down the size of your wedding, select a different type of venue, or make other changes to stay within your budget. Do this work upfront! Don’t book a venue before you do this exercise. This step includes reaching out to potential venues, caterers, florists, photographers and finding out how much you should expect to invest with each of them to be able to work with them for your wedding. Again – hiring a planner first cuts this step out for you. Your seasoned planner is going to direct you towards options within your budget. They are going to be mindful of your wants and needs and give you options that make sense for you. You will not have to review hundreds of vendors to find ones that fit your budget and needs. A good planner will give you 2-5 quality options per category, and that is it. This isn’t becasue they don’t know of other options it is because those are the best options based on all of your needs and wants.

Step 6 Compare all of your different options to settle on the right one for you. Settle on the time of year, location- your hometown, your partner’s hometow, where you both live currently, or a destination wedding with an intimate guest list somewhere you really want to be. If intentionally planning a very intimate wedding is appealing to you, look at the different possibilities for that option. If you want a large wedding, what are your options within your budget?

Your wedding day will be amazing if it is a joyful celebration fitting for you and your partner. As 2020 couples learned, people will celebrate you even if they cannot actually be physically with you on your wedding day. Plan the ideal wedding for your needs and your true budget.

Who Should Be Part of Your Wedding Party?

AD Photo PDX

Too many people ask me the question, “Is it okay if I don’t want the traditional wedding party?”

Yes!! Yes of course it’s okay! This is your wedding and the only requirement is that you have an officiant, 2 witnesses who are 18 or older, and yourselves. The rest is a blank canvas for you to paint your very own way!

Gender is a social construct – as such, considering societal norms when you are choosing the key people you want to see standing by your side on your wedding day reinforces all the things we dislike about the wedding industry! If you so happen to be a bride with a groom and you have a Maid or Maitron of Honor and 4 bridesmaids and a flower girl and on the other side there’s a Best Man and 4 groomsmen and a ring bearer – this doesn’t make you “normal,” it means absolutely nothing! That’s what your wedding party looks like and therefore that’s great. Somebody else will have a completely different wedding, and that is equally great! It’s only important that the people you choose are standing there on your wedding day because they are important and they mean everything to you.

Deyla Huss Photography
You owe absolutely nobody in your life a space in your wedding, so invite your biggest champions!

If you’ve been in five weddings that doesn’t mean you need each of them to be part of your wedding, it’s cool if you want them to be. If somebody in your close friend group is absolutely horrible to be around they don’t have to be included in your wedding party! Your father didn’t raise you and you don’t want to walk down the aisle alone, but you also don’t want him by your side – ask your mom, ask a sibling, ask a best friend, ask a future in-law who loves you, or anyone who has meant everything to you in your life. But it is absolutely ok to walk alone. It’s also ok if you and your partner walk down the aisle together on the way down and on the way back up. Especially if you are planning a celebration with family after already getting married on a small scale sometime during the pandemic, this is a super cool and awesome idea!

Your Best Person (Official Witness) is a human not a gender

Did you even know that the significance of the traditional Best Man and Best Woman (Maid/Maitron of Honor) is to serve as two official witnesses to sign your marriage certificate to make this thing legal? That’s it. That’s their actual job in your wedding. Again, society has lied to us and told us that one person matters more to you than anyone else who isn’t your future spouse or your parents. You don’t have to choose this person because they are your best man or best woman – choose a trusted favorite human, gender is irrelevant! If you love many of your people equally, then pick a best bet based on the following criteria:

  • You may already know who this person is going to be, you may have known they would be your best person well before you knew who your spouse would be. That’s a great chocie!
  • If something big happens in your life, this is the person you tell either before your future spouse or just after.
  • This is the person (besides your partner) you trust to be your biggest supporter and a shoulder to cry on any day, and at any time.
  • This person is not somebody who makes you feel small!
  • This is not a toxic person who centers every event, night out, or occassion, on themselves.
  • This is not a person who will make you feel unsure in life, they will always lift you up and rely on you to do the same for them.

When picking the rest of your wedding party consider your entire wedding party – but ultimately this is about you. Some people within your group may not get along great. Some will be introverts, some will be extroverts. If your friends don’t play well together and this will be stressful to you it’s ok to pick and choose. It’s also fine to select them all and set ground rules upfront that they will be expected to play well together – or you will absolutely call them out! Here’s where picking the best “best person” is key. Let them do it if calling people out in a group is not comfortable for you.

Photos by Ali Mae Photo

You’re asking people to make a big commitment!

Agreeing to be in a wedding party is a big commitment. People who say yes will have to likely commit to travel costs, attire, participating in pre-wedding events, showers, etc. Here is a clear list of what your person is saying yes to:

  • Travel costs, complete costs for pre-wedding celebrations, events, etc. (please consider their budgets when making these choices)
  • Gifts – they will likely want to know from you if their presence is your gift, if so they will still probably want to give you something meaningful.
  • Attire – you are never expected to buy your wedding party’s attire. So think of their budgets and get their input when you make these choices! I always recommend you set up a GM right away once everyone has been asked. Start a discussion before making the attire decision. Ask questions like, what styles do you like? What is your budget you’d like to stick to?
  • Hair and Makeup – Often Brides like to get their hair and make up done professionally and on location on their wedding day (either at a nearby hotel, at home, or at the venue) The average local price for this is somewhere between $500-$600 for the bride (plus travel if not in the Metro area) and about $200 per extra wedding party member. Each service hair and make up will be broken out in your quote from your MUAH. My best tip for you is to message your crew in the GM so this is public! Tell them you absolutely want everyone to feel comfortable doing their own hair and make up, or just their hair, or just their makeup – it’s totally up to them! They should absolutely plan to do this with you all at the same time, in the same place even if they don’t want to use your professionals. BUT if they want to get their hair done the cost is $x, if they want to get their makeup done the cost is $y. If they would like to have one or both services please respond in the GM by a set date AND venmo, Zelle (whatever app you prefer). Get the money with the commitment and pay your vendor directly, do not ask them to pay your vendor or accept payment on or near your wedding date! Do this well in advance! Your MUAH needs this info to plan your schedule as well. On peak wedding dates your MUAH will be fully booked, don’t expect them to be able to add an artist a week outl. You need to plan for this in advance.
  • If you have a huge budget and will be paying all or some of these costs please be upfront about this! It helps your wedding party know how to budget and what to expect when they are saying yes.
AD Photo PDX
How to pop the big question!

So you’ve decided who to ask, you understand the commitment they will be making – now it’s time to ask! How do you do this? Some of your friends will be super thrilled with a phone call and the deal is done. Others will absolutely expect this to be a BIG deal! In this age of pics or it didn’t happen, expect this shit to make it to social media.

Here is a great opportunity to highlight the love you have for the place where you are getting married, and set the feel for what to expect when they say, “YES!” If you are planning a high budget, huge commitment wedding, or a destinatin wedding, plan to spend a bit of money on this ask and make it something special. If you want your people to understand that this is going to be a fun, relaxed, wild party of a ride, send some booze or something that sets that mood.You can buy a prefab cookie cutter ask box (not my jam but it’s cool if you are busy and just tryingn to check of a to do item), or you can do something special. If you are having a winery wedding buy wine bottles from your vineyard and give them a gift bag with the ask on the tag. If you are getting married in the city ask with a gift box containing local tea, coffee, beer, vodka, soaps, or candles. If your wedding party is mostly local you can have custom cookies with the ask written on them.

Ask your planner to do this for you – we love doing these! All we need to do this for you is a set budget, complete list of names, and a brief description of who they are (childhood friend, sister, your bff, college roommate, etc.) and what they mean to you. We’ll tell you what we think should go in the box, source, spice it up with our craftiness and mad design skills, and package them up for you and then hand them over for you to present in person or send to your people.

Now remember the part where I said pics or it didn’t happen? If this is an in person ask, expect a lot of pics. If this is being done from afar – same! If you have people you aren’t asking because of drama and all the reasons discussed here, plan ahead for this. Reach out to those you chose not to ask who may have expected an ask and have a good talk about what’s happening.

We hope this helps you choose the right people for your wedding party! If you have questions ask away my email is on my contact page!

Accommodations for Out of Town Guests

Standard room at The Benson Portland, OR

With the rising popularity of Airbnb’s and other alternatives to hotels, many of your out of town guests are not going to want or need recommendations on where to stay in Portland. So when do you need to contract for a room block? Find pricing for hotels near your wedding venue? Etc.

If you are having a true destination wedding, such as an intimate affair in Hawaii where 100% of your guests and you will need a place to stay, please negotiate a room block. If your wedding is late in the day in to the night or early morning in a remote part of the coast, The Gorge, wine country (or any time in summer when all accommodations fully book up) negotiate room blocks if you confirm with close family and friends they need and want this.

What is a room block?

Hotel deLuxe – Portland, OR

A room block is a contracted rate guaranteed for a select number of hotel rooms for a given set period of dates. Most room blocks are set for ten guaranteed rooms. While you don’t have to directly pay for all ten rooms, if your guests don’t book all ten rooms fully and the hotel cannot book them after your release date on the rooms, you will have to pay for those rooms – used or not.

Other options include negotiated discount codes. Some hotels will give you a discount code to give your guests on your wedding website. There is no contract involved. As a courtesy they give you a discount code (usually between 5-10%) your guests use it when they book directly online through the hotel website. Hotel Zag will do this.

Don’t over think this in your planning phase. People have personal reasons to choose where they will stay. Maybe they have family or friends they’re visiting as part of your wedding trip and they want to be near them or stay with them. Maybe they have rewards points to use with one hotel chain over another. Don’t assume people want you to set up their accommodations. They usually don’t.

Airbnb St. John’s, OR

The best thing to do for all weddings is recommend a few hotels – look up their current rates for your wedding weekend, and put a link to their web booking page in your wedding website. You can say something like, “The Jupiter Hotel – $157+ per night

So to summarize, put some info on your wedding webpage about nearby hotels but don’t contractually negotiate rates unless you absolutely can guarantee those rooms will be reserved. Room blocks are great for destination weddings, in most other circumstances just ask for a discount code or recommend nearby hotels you would stay at. Find at least 2 price points if possible. Don’t waste more than 20-30 minutes on this task in your wedding planning process. A good partial or full service planner will do this for you. If your wedding is happening anywhere with a lot of options. Don’t spend more than an hour on this task even if your wedding is not close in. Find two – three good recommendations and then relax. Your friends and family know how to book a room!

Your Rehearsal Dinner

Elder Hall – photo by Ellie Asher Photography

Too often, couples leave their rehearsal planning until the last minute. This limits your options and can cost you, or simply stress you out! Here’s my guide to planning your rehearsal dinner.

Step 1) Set a budget. The traditional old school rules were the groom’s family paid for the rehearsal dinner. You may still do this, but as is the case with the rest of the budget most couples have a general overall budget which may or may not include funds from either or both families. Expect to spend about 10% of your overall budget here.

Step 2) Create a guest list. This will be different for every wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, for example, expect to invite most or all of the people who traveled all that way to be there with you. If you are having a large wedding where you live and many people have traveled far to be there with you, you may want to include everyone, dozens of people even. If you have social anxiety, are overwhelmed with large groups, having a very large wedding and just want the bridal party and your closest family by your side for a low key night before DON’T invite a lot of people. The only people you absolutely should feel you must invite include immediate family, bridal party and their spouse, flower girls and ring bearers plus their parents, and your officiant (if it is your family’s clergy you worship with regularly or a friend is serving as your officiant you may need to invite their spouse).

Step 3) Decide on a style and venue. If you’re back in your hometown with a large crowd, a family home, family church meeting space, or your favorite restaurant growing up, may be the best option for you. If you are having a destination wedding and want to make sure traveling guests don’t have to stress, something in walking distance or at the hotel you’re all staying at, or nearby with detailed transportation options available and shared with your guests. If you are having 50-150 people (yes this truly happens a lot) consider a park picnic area or a restaurant that will give you a food and beverage minimum buyout option.

Step 4) Catered or homecooking? A lot of people choose to invite more people and have a less formal venue. Backyard BBQ, family pot luck arranged by mom, or large home cooked feast made by the family as a group project are commonplace when your crowd is large. Think family reunion style. You can do this and have catered food that is picked up from virtually any family restaurant, Chipotle, Po’ Shines, you name it. The other option is a restaurant with private dining space from pizza and beer at a local pub to a custom limited menu at The Ned Ludd Elder Hall, to a full service catered affair in your own home. It’s truly wide open here. One of my couples had everyone meet up at the food carts on Hawthorne to order whatever they want. It’s truly up to you.

Step 5) What will you do at your dinner? You will want to do toasts, of course. Thank everyone for being there. Prepare a video to show, or have a slideshow on a loop in one room if your venue is a house. You may want to give family and bridal party members special gifts, toast your future spouse, dance, do karaoke, perform a song, do a special dance with your bridal party, or just relax and enjoy one on one conversations with your loved ones.

Step 6) Plan your decor. If you’ll be at a restaurant or having a picnic this may mean you need nothing. At home, in a church hall, or at a hotel you may want to make some simple centerpieces with your family the day before. Flowers from your garden are perfect for an at home dinner, Trader Joe’s always has a great selection of flowers pre-arranged in bouquets you can trim and place in a Dollar Tree vase. The key is to not spend too much time or money if you don’t have the budget. If you do have the budget consider potted plants to give as gifts at the end. Or include this portion in your quote request to your wedding florist.

*Bonus tip, do not get everyone drunk the night before your wedding. An open bar is unnecessary, instead select an option of a few types of wine or just one type you really love. If you’re at your favorite restaurant with a select family style or plated dinner select the perfect drink options yourself. A few types of beer and cider plus non-alcoholic drinks are sufficient. People can order cocktails on their own at the bar if you’re at a restaurant, or hit the hotel bar after if they must. If you really want it to be a party or you’re at home, consider a family favorite cocktail, or a few bottles of your favorites for mixed drinks of choice.

“To The Happy Couple! Cheers!”

Federico x. Photography

Many couples wonder when to do toasts and speeches, who should speak, and sometimes ask how they can tell somebody they really don’t want them speaking – without offending them. There’s a right way and a wrong way to be nice. Here are some general concepts of how to do all of the above, and some basic gentle advice I can give on this subject.

To start, when should speeches and toasts happen at a wedding?

There are many answers to this question. The perfect time to do a toast and speech varies, but here are some options. A good time to hear from the hosts (usually the bride’s parents) is immediately after the bridal party entrance, as the couple is seated. The Father Of The Bride traditionally welcomes everyone, thanks them for coming, toasts the couple and then may introduce the groom’s parents before dinner begins.

The second toasting opportunity is as dinner is coming to an end, as soon as the couple finishes eating. In Oregon most couples do not do served or family style service. If you are doing a buffet, food trucks or a taco bar, for example, you may still do a welcoming toast just be certain it is simple, sweet and then let the people eat. Other key honored guests should be invited to toast after the couple finishes eating and just before The First Dances happens. This is the perfect time to have the groom’s parents, your Maid Of Honor, and Best Man speeches. If you don’t do a welcoming speech, do that here allowing parents from both families to speak here, and bump the Best Man/Maid Of Honor speeches to later.

The third toasting opportunity is right before you cut the cake. You might choose couples toasts only right here, or all toasts here. A nice order is toasts followed by cake cutting. If you are doing a bouquet toss it’s a good time to do that right after the cake cutting. Planning tip – put your toss bouquet at the dessert table in a vase. It’s a pretty decoration and then your bouquet is right where you need it to go from cake to toss. This timing gives your catering staff time to serve or plate the cake and set it out on the dessert table.

Who Should Give A Toast?

There is no right answer to this question! Typically it’s nice to break up the speeches if you have a lot of people you want to speak. A lot = more than 4.

Traditional speakers:

  • Father of The Bride
  • Best Man
  • Maid Of Honor
  • Groom

Who might you want to have speak?

  • Parents of The Bride (both or any you like)
  • Parents Of The Groom (both or any you like)
  • Best People (whomever you choose) best friends, siblings
  • Bride
  • Groom

Don’t up the list or open the mic. Try hard to limit your total speakers to 6-8 absolute max. Beyond 4, break it up.

I love my brother, but he’s kind of an ass when he drinks – and he’s going to drink!

I’ve heard it all over the years, from super awkward to truly brilliant speeches. Some people speak too long, some say too much, many do their best and therefore get it just right. You know your friends and family. If you are worried, in my experience, you should be! It is ok to give people direction. Let them know a time limit, tell them examples of things you really don’t want to see or hear on your wedding day.

Have very direct conversations with your friends and family. Let them help decide who should speak and when. Some people hate public speaking, don’t make them speak. You can share a sweet private moment earlier in the day. Schedule it, and enjoy that private time.

If you have ten people who want to speak, ask one or two to have a special spot during the ceremony instead. Have them do a reading or write you a poem. If you know somebody is likely to get wild after they’ve had a few drinks ask them to do the ceremony parts, and let others speak later in the reception.

Seriously, give direction. It’s not pushy to say, “We would love to have you give us a toast during the reception. We just want something very you – sweet, funny, real and not too long. Maybe 2-5 minutes.”

If you tell somebody what you want but leave the details to them, you’ve empowered them to honor your request. It’s not bossy, it’s direct and gives them an expectation.

It’s also fine to have a special time with your whole bridal party during the cocktail hour right before you join the main party where you do mini private toasts. You can do this before the ceremony if you’ve done a first look and are all together.

I hope this helps. As always, contact me if you have questions! Or comment below.

Wedding Floral Design

Deyla Huss Photography

So many couples ask for a floral quote and design 9 months plus before their wedding. They tend to fall in to one of two categories:

1) They have a big budget and they want a quality expert, so they know booking a floral designer last minute will leave them with very few options.

2) They have no clue what wedding flowers cost and they just need a ballpark.

I’m always happy to help either type of customer. As a planner and designer, I know the importance with setting a firm budget early and sticking to it. I’m happy to help either type of client become informed or book me well in advance. That said we have our full service customers meet for a walk through a couple months out to update and confirm their final design because what you wanted early in the planning process may not be the same a few months out.

If you are just getting started, what should your floral budget be? On average expect 10% of your overall budget to go towards flowers/decor. A full service design and set up on site, for 100-150 guests will typically cost a minimum of $2500 and depending on your design it can easily cost $3500+.

Common myths to cut a floral budget:

1) DIY is less expensive – it can be. It depends on the projects, materials and your level of craftiness. It’s often quite expensive when you add up all of the items purchased.

Kaylee Rad Photography

2) I can just pick up flowers from the grocery store, or the farmer’s market.

You can absolutely do that sometimes. It depends on your style, how set you are on specific types of flowers, the week you are marrying and what is in stock that week. Also, consider the amount of time you have on your wedding week to run errands and put these things together. It will absolutely not look the same as a professional design.

Ali Mae Photography

3) I can use an online service or Costco, it will be simple! It’s not simple! When we do a large wedding we spend days processing, opening up the flowers and getting them to their perfect state of beauty just in time for your wedding date, and putting everything together. Just know bulk orders arrive unprocessed and are often not the same level of quality as what your local wedding floral artist uses. We live in Oregon and are surrounded by amazing local flowers that always look more amazing than flowwers shipped in from elsewhere. It’s also better for the environment and the local economy if you support local small businesses first. If you go with bulk flowers online note that they require a lot of hydration, processing and a lot of work to make them look like wedding flowers.

If you are looking early for a professional wedding decor and floral designer, you do need to book at least 6-9 months + out to get a designer who specializes in continued design training and experience in weddings. A neighborhood florist can handle your wedding, but if they spend their year designing sympathy flowers, birthday bouquets from online national orders that must meet a set recipe, their designers may not be up to date on all of the current wedding designing techniques and trends. They may be very technically capable of copying a design you want but less able to creatively custom design your personalized wedding.

Who should consider a florist vs. a wedding specialist? Some may think it’s if you are eloping or on a small budget – not necessarily! We and most wedding specialists absolutely design a la carte items for elopement or intimate affairs. You will typically have to pick up your order. Pick up may be required on Friday for a busy wedding week Saturday, but it is rare we and others will not easily accommodate your minimum order. That said, we have a minimum of $300, typically. I’ll always refer people who just need a few boutonnières to go to one of several florists we adore. They can make one or two small order pieces with zero minimums.

Elisa Ivers Photography

If you are using a florist who will not be installing or delivering, think about what you are ordering and how to set it up. Some designers will let you pick up arch decor, we will not. Our a la carte pieces are limited to bouquets, to go capable centerpieces, boutonnières and corsages. Why? Wedding arches are designed on site. Every arch is different and our designs are 100% created at your venue, and if we had you take it, we’d be sad if you weren’t able to attach it, your measurements were off, something broke off while you transported it. We see our designs as art, and therefore we just don’t do that.

Hailey Joy Photography

You do not want your arch to be a mess my heart felt advice if you are a DIY couple, invest in quality draping and silk permanent designs that are designed as a garland. They will look better in photos than a potential disaster with novice installs. Resources – we can design you a custom garland and sell you garland and drapery to install yourself when you pick up your bouquets. You can find non-custom items on Etsy. Order very early to make sure you like it and to practice setting it up. For draping, buy by the bolt on Either tulle or chiffon or organza will look best. Tulle is the easiest for a novice to use. It doesn’t run or thread and is super sturdy and easy to cut.

If you’d like a ballpark quote for budgeting, contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

If you’d like a complete floral design quote, set up a free consultation or fill out our online detailed quote form and we’ll give you a full mood board and quote.