Join Our Team!

Hey there!

Are you a creative type who loves weddings? Do you have experience working with flowers or want to learn? Do you have your own day of coordinating or flowering business, or are you interested in learning while keeping your regular job? We offer a great opportunity to learn and build your portfolio while earning extra money on the side of your own business, or regular job.

The Process

Step 2:

We will follow up and send you a W-9 and contractor agreement if we have need for your services and you are a good fit

Step 3:

You will be added to our list

Step 4:

You will begin receiving opportunities to sign up for tasks or shifts as they come available. Most will be during peak wedding season July-October.

Freelancers and Contractors on our list will have the opportunity to sign up for specific tasks and shifts. You do not have to sign up for any tasks or shifts to remain on our list for future opportunities. Some shifts will be for prep work and floral processing on a weekday, most of our shifts will be on wedding weekends for installation and set up. Anyone who does a great job completing deliverables will remain on our list for future opportunities.

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