The Process:

  • Submit your info on our standard application
  • We will follow up and send you a W-9 and contractor agreement if we have need for your services and you are a good fit.
  • You will be added to our list. Pay range is typically $20-$35/hour depending on the date and your level of experience – pay is higher on peak wedding dates.
  • You will begin receiving opportunities to sign up for shifts as they come available. Most will be during peak wedding season June-October. Most of our weddings are in Portland or close in and you choose the dates you are available to work.

Freelancers and Contractors on our list will have the opportunity to sign up for specific dates and shifts. You do not have to sign up for any shifts to remain on our list for future opportunities. Some shifts will be for prep work and floral processing on a weekday, most of our shifts will be on wedding weekends for installation and set up.

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