Vareus Events

We are currently adding, creatives, floral design freelancers, and day of planning assistants, as independent contractors, to our team!

Who is an ideal fit?

You should be a fan of celebrating love, because our entire business revolves around people’s joy on their wedding day!

Having an aligned company as a DBA or LLC of your own, is great. We also love to work with college students who want to gain experience over their summer break, or anyone interested in having a very exciting occassional side gig.

You do not have to know anything about weddings or flowers to apply.

We offer both floral design and planning services, our team members should be willing to learn new things but you are not required to work in both sectors! 

Some wedding weeks in peak season, we only need help on wedding days to assist with day of coordination and design tasks.

Some wedding weeks we need help with the delivery and set up of rental items, tables and floral installations.

Some wedding weeks in peak season we will need help in the processing phase of design on a week day during regular business hours. 

You only sign up for the tasks you are interested in learning or working on.

What are the details?

Most of our available shifts will be on Saturdays in peak wedding season May – October. We sometimes have week day shifts for floral processing and design. Or Friday or Sunday weddings and weekday elopements. Shifts will typically be 4, 6, or 8 hours at a time.

We require a W-9 from every person who would like to be on our freelancer/contractor list, there are zero exceptions and we will not add you to our qualified list without this returned.

Form W-9

We ask for each of our freelancers to return a contractor’s agreement.

Our compensation rate is typically $20/hour. Some peak wedding dates and some experienced floral designers being asked to take on a key task like an arch or onsite large installation will be paid $25/hour.

You are responsible for your own transportation, unless riding along with us. Most of our weddings are in the Portland Metro area, some are in more remote locations but you will know before you opt to sign up for a spot.

Anyone interested in being added to our list will have an on the job paid audition to be added to our recurring contractor event sign up list, once you are on our list you will get notifications any time we have available slots.

You can sign up for as many slots as you like, or just one slot per year. We appreciate that many of our contractors have school, part time jobs, an every day job, or their own business to run.

Your Interests

Some of our contractors already have relevent experience, some would like to learn by working by our side, some only want to work with flowers, others want to learn planning, some enjoy the whole thing. Please give us as much information as possible so we can make sure you are added to the correct jobs lists.

What Lists are you interested in being added to:

Your Skill Set

We have needs for various experience levels. Please let us know your level and type of experience so we can classify you appropriately.

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